fcpxml creative tools

Reference X

Export CSV, Easy Collect files with fcpxml.

design for fcpxml.

Easy collect files.

All source file path export to CSV.

Analyze your project.
New Feature 1.1

Project info is in the fcpxml
Your project information is in the fcpxml and Reference X is analyzing from the fcpxml.
Support newest version 1.8 of fcpxml.

Choice of copy way
The specified file can be copied.
All files can be copy to specified directory. Also can copy specified files.

Status and indicate
The status changes according to the progress situation.
The file size is display at field.
Can sort by each field.

No waste copy
If you already have the same file at specified directory, you can choose a way to not copy.
Also can be forcibly to overwrite the file and copy.

Export the source list and copy result
The source list in your project can export csv file.
And also export csv file of copy result.

Reference X data flow.

Working with following Ctreative tools for your workflow.

fcpxml creative tools