FCPXML creative tools

Reference X

Visualize your FCPXML simply.

View the source file, Export CSV, Easy Collect files.

Design for FCPXML.
Reference X is designed for FCPXML file. Listing source files from FCPXML. FCPXML is exported from Apple Final Cut Pro, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Flame, Luma touch Luma Fusion. FCPXML is simple xml formate for send and recived Final Cut Pro editing information designed by Apple.

design for FCPXML.

Visualize fcpxml.

Visualize your project.
FCPXML had a lot of editing information. Reference X is see those information in simple way. When the project is very complicated and you can’t find the problem footage, Reference X will be help your involved work to simple. It’s not only the see editing information, can play the Original media and Proxy media if the file is exist too.

Easy collect files.
The source files that the project in used is a lot of location in the storage. Reference X is keep it directory structure to copy to destination folder. It is very important when the move, archive or restore project.

Easy collect files.

File path generate to CSV.

All source files path genarate to CSV.
Reference X can export the source list to CSV. Include all the media file name, file path, file size, file type, orginal source directory path and after copied directory path (Both Original media and Proxy media). Also codec info, duration, Audio infomation and used or not in the Final Cut Pro's Library.

Analyze your project.
You can see the file exist an easy by visually. Don’t need to find in Finder one by one file. The color shows to you about file exist.

Analyze your project.
Functional tools for Pro.

Designed for creative tools.
Reference X is designed for creative tools. Looks high affinity design with other pro app tools. GUI design is very important for our concept.

Visual viewer
Show and play the selected source image file and movie file in viewer. Viewer is also support pro video codecs such as ProRes and MXF files for Pro.
See more info about Pro Video Formats in Support page.

Optimized to Apple Afterburner.
Afterburner is decode a ProRes file with out CPU power and play ProRes seamlessly. It’s can installed at Mac Pro.

Function with Touch Bar
Touch Bar is exclusive design at MacBook Pro. Reference X's function can handle in Touch Bar.

Support sequencial files by DaVinci Resolve.
DaVinci Resolve can record the sequence files in FCPXML. It's function is only in DaVinchi Resolve. Reference X can handle a these record files to export.

FCPXML from Luma Fusion.
Boost your iOS video workflow to Mac video app and archive. Shoot and edit in iPhone and iPad, before final edit in Final Cut Pro on Mac, you can see the LumaFuion's editing project and material files befor you edit.

Reference X data flow.

Final Cut Pro with Reference X proxy workflow.

Working with following Ctreative tools for your workflow.

fcpxml creative tools