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1. Select the fcpxml file.

- If the file path is red color, it must resolve SSB. Open the preference window, and add the directory path which is in the media file. And reload fcpxml.

2-A. Export the CSV file.

- push export CSV button and specify the directory, the Reference X export file path list to CSV.

2-B. Copy the media files.

- Push copy button and specify the directory that you want to copy the media files area.
- The copy files are under in the specify directory with directory path. That keep from volume name to media file.

More quickstart documentation is here.


Q. What file format dose Reference X supported?

A. Reference X can read fcpxml ver.1.5 - 1.7 (export from Apple Final Cut Pro X, Balckmagic DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Flame).

Q. What is the Security-scoped Bookmark(SSB)? And why I add the directory path?

A. Apple designated to create the Sandbox.app to developer. This is for the security to safe the outside of the App. Developer must need to use a decode/encode a SSB, if access the media files from source code without of the user interaction.
You know the video editing is use a lot of media files. And this media files is in the a lot of directory area. So Apple created SSB to access the media files in safety for the App developer. But some fcpxml files is not recoded SSB. So Reference X is must to decode SSB for user. And it must need specify a directory to the media file. So Reference X is add the directory path in Preference window by user.

Q. Are Reference X can copy from the inside of Final Cut Pro X library (.fcpbundle) media files?

A. Yes, if the file path is exists, it's can.

Q. Does the Final Cut Pro 7's XML is supported?

A. Sorry, it's not.

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Update: February 21, 2018

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